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    Chess Zombies The Game

    Technologies: Python, FastAPI, Celery, Vue.js, Unity, WebSocket Duration: in progress This project is a free, unique video game called “Chess Zombies”. It is a chess game performed in the Dark Fantasy style. The game has a complex plot with a deeply elaborated prehistory and includes three main game mechanics: Chess (Fairy Chess and Chesscraft subgenres), RPG, TBS. The game uses the F2P model, but also includes the NFT platform as an additional component. NFT expands in-game customization, but is not mandatory to fully complete the game. As part of social interactions, the game has a rating system, a clan system, and in-game chat. From the technical side of the project, we use Vue.js and Unity in front-end, Python, FastAPI, Celery in back-end and WebSocket for communication. The main goal of the project is to implement a unique multi mechanic system and create a competitive product in the video game industry.