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    Technologies: node.js, ECMAScript 6, ExpressJS, React.JS, FluxJS, Git, Heroku, MongoDB YourStance is a social networking website where people can voice their opinion on important issues of the day. The site consists of users, hashtags and comments on both. The idea of the site is that people create a profile and then answer hot-button issues. User can go to someone’s profile page and see where they stand for topics/issues like illegal immigration, torture, etc. From the technical side the project consists of server and client. Server implemented using node.js, ExpressJS, MongoDB, Heroku. Client is a single page application (SPA) currently implemented using ReactJS and mainly Reflux. Among other tasks were:

    • getting the base of the website up;
    • switching from Reflux to vanilla FluxJS;
    • usage of ECMAScript 6 on server and client side.