Mobile development

Your own mobile application is a tool no less important for business today than your own website. In 2023, users purchasing goods from a smartphone did so through apps 4 times more often than through company websites. For educational projects, the mobile app is a key part of the user experience and lays the foundation for subscription renewal and repeat purchases.

The presence of a mobile application for a project opens up the possibility of additional interaction with the user, increasing confidence in the company’s products and services, and increasing the frequency of sales. Different notification formats from the application allow you to use more marketing mechanics.

Taking into account trends in user behavior, the Igor Polyakov Consulting team is developing mobile applications with rich functionality and an intuitive interface, using the latest technologies in the industry.

Why choose mobile application development from Igor Polyakov Consulting?

  • The team has the knowledge and experience in creating applications that work great on various platforms and devices.
  • We thoughtfully approach the prototyping of application sections, including the right amount of functionality that involves and stimulates action.
  • Analytics is important: we create the application so that it is as convenient as possible for you to see data about user behavior and then make informed decisions based on facts.
  • Our capabilities allow us to incorporate unique functionality into the application that competitors will not have. You can use this to promote and retain users.

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    Our works

    Affirmations application

    Our team has developed the Affirmations application. Affirmations are one of the most powerful and effective tools in the world of psychology and coaching. They are able to change destructive attitudes and work through all aspects of the personality, without much effort. The application contains the entire database of affirmations developed by the most powerful experts in psychology on any topic:

    • Love for your body;
    • Raising self-esteem;
    • Working on fears and stress;
    • Wealth and financial flow;
    • Harmonious relationships;
    • The Best Day;
    • Woman's magic;
    • Authorship over your life;
    And much more! If you don’t find the one among them, you can always create your own affirmation using the constructor. The main thing is to prepare the text, create an intention, the rest is already in our application. Technologies used: Mobile:
    • Flutter (MobX, Dio, Retrofit, GetIt, Injectable, Provider);
    • Dart.
    • Python;
    • Django.
    • ffmpeg
    • Play streaming audio;
    • Voice recording;
    • Gluing and processing of audio via ffmpeg.

    Kodi development project

    Technologies: Python, Android   We created fork of the Kodi video player for specific needs of our customer and its manufacturers. Our code allows to use video streaming provided  by EzServer software and changes UI of Kodi to client's style and their UX specifications.   Short: developed a Kodi plugin.