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    Our works

    E-commerce store data warehouse

    Technologies: Python, MySQL, JSON, Excel, Power BI, Jupyter Notebook. A system for gathering and analysis of information along with a system for supplies and sales forecast has been developed within this project. Sales, stock balance and events data is being gathered via online marketplaces Wildberries, OZON, Yandex.Market and SberMegaMarket. Data that is unavailable for online marketplaces’ API is being uploaded to the system manually by using XLS-files. A process for data cleaning has been created as well. Clients’ data analysts have been provided with a special interface for modelling and further testing using Business Analytics frameworks such as Power BI. The prediction model in this project uses ML algorithms.

    3D modelling of chemicals packaging

    Technologies: Unreal Engine 4, Coherent UI plugin for UE4, C++, JavaScript, React, jQuery, jQuery UI, Flat UI Free, MySQL The project is for showing 3D models of packaging for chemicals. The project is ongoing and as for now, we’ve already implemented logic of packaging choice and generating text description for it. We’ve also implemented option of random viewing 3D models of packaging. UE4 is used to show 3D models. Other things implemented using JavaScript (via Coherent UI).