Web development

To create a high-quality website for business in 2024, you need to consider several factors at once: how it will cover the needs of the visitor, how easy it is to use and how fast it is to work.

Web development from Igor Polyakov Consulting is aimed at finding and implementing an effective solution to business problems and achieving high conversion rates, sales and user retention on the site.

The technologies that we use in our work allow us to develop sites with gaming, streaming, payment functionality, the ability to store and exchange data, sites for project management, accepting orders and organizing delivery, and others.

Why choose website development from Igor Polyakov Consulting?

  • We create sites with unique functionality and design that distinguish a business from competitors.
  • Our task throughout the development is to make sure that the user can easily use the site and perform target actions. To do this, we carefully study the business processes of the project and model user behavior, as well as monitor the performance of the site, loading speed.
  • You do not need to worry about the relevance of the technologies used in development: we always use the latest web development developments, which ensure the dynamic operation of the site and ease of use.
  • In our work, we use Node.JS, TypeScript, Python, PHP and JavaScript technologies, React.js, Vue.js frameworks - thanks to this, we can create the functionality you need from scratch. This is especially important for companies with a rare specialization, for which there are no ready-made solutions.
  • We guarantee support and maintenance throughout the project and after its completion.

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    Our works

    TON Cats

    We were asked for help with developing a meme token web page. According to the layout, a web page was developed, using JS libraries for animation. Edits were made to the layout, which were successfully implemented. At the end of development, we added Yandex metrics for site statistics.

    Chess Zombies The Game

    Technologies: Python, FastAPI, Celery, Vue.js, Unity, WebSocket Duration: in progress This project is a free, unique video game called “Chess Zombies”. It is a chess game performed in the Dark Fantasy style. The game has a complex plot with a deeply elaborated prehistory and includes three main game mechanics: Chess (Fairy Chess and Chesscraft subgenres), RPG, TBS. The game uses the F2P model, but also includes the NFT platform as an additional component. NFT expands in-game customization, but is not mandatory to fully complete the game. As part of social interactions, the game has a rating system, a clan system, and in-game chat. From the technical side of the project, we use Vue.js and Unity in front-end, Python, FastAPI, Celery in back-end and WebSocket for communication. The main goal of the project is to implement a unique multi mechanic system and create a competitive product in the video game industry.

    Hotel price comparison solution

    Technologies: Python, Selenium, Scrapy, Vue, Bayessian Modeling, Game Modeling, Statistics   We developed a hotel price comparison solution for a group of hotels in Barcelona consisting of the three components: Competitors prices collection component, scraping booking prices from price aggregator websites http://hostelbookers.com/ , http://hostelworld.com/ and hotel websites. Data visualization tool showing different graphs about the current hotel prices, competitors prices, supply/demand, number of available rooms and other parameters. Mathematical model optimizing the prices for the client’s hotel basing on all the competitors, historical, seasonal data.

    3D modelling of chemicals packaging

    Technologies: Unreal Engine 4, Coherent UI plugin for UE4, C++, JavaScript, React, jQuery, jQuery UI, Flat UI Free, MySQL The project is for showing 3D models of packaging for chemicals. The project is ongoing and as for now, we’ve already implemented logic of packaging choice and generating text description for it. We’ve also implemented option of random viewing 3D models of packaging. UE4 is used to show 3D models. Other things implemented using JavaScript (via Coherent UI).

    QC File and Workflow Application

    Technologies: Python, Django, JavaScript, React.JS, JQuery,  Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Amazon S3, MongoDB. Duration: 6 months   Business goal of that project is allow to the users upload files with information about mortgage, fill the checklist about mortgage and generate and view reports (individually and monthly). The program have different types of user with different access rights. A 'customer' can upload files and view reports. Application use S3 Storage for holding files. A 'reviewer' can fill the checklist and generate reports. A 'administrator' can manage user accounts.