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    E-book reader

    Technologies: C, Python, Calibre, PocketSphinx, Wit.ai Duration: 1 year   The goal of the project is developing software for ebook reader devices based on Calibre systems. The most important feature of the system is voice recognition that is used for manipulating ebooks, executing commands, navigating libraries and searching books. Voice recognition is based on two different engines:

    • for command execution, PocketSphinx is used as a grammar based engine with strict rules and good quality of voice recognition in different situations (accent, noise, low volume and so on).
    • additionally, the system included free search functionality that allows to search a book using custom requests from the user, such as "Search a new book of Charles Stross" or "Search most popular books of this year"
      Short: developed (including the architecture) a voice recognition system as an essential part of the e-book reader software. The voice recognition system includes both offline and online versions and uses some NLP techniques.