We do not have formal chiefs - we are a team of experienced, professionally held consultants with a flat structure.
Igor Polyakov
Expert C++/Python/Node.JS Developer and Data Scientist with 16+ years of experience and a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. Igor has worked in a variety of positions over the last 16 years, including Senior Software Engineer, Statistician and Team Lead. Igor’s core interest and competency is technical problem-solving. He has developed (working both in a team and as a Team Lead) a number of software products, primarily algorithms, network applications, system services, middleware services, data processing systems, hardware management systems, real-time systems and network protocol implementations. Igor has experience in C++, Python, Node.JS, JavaScript, Java, C#, Bigdata, Machine Learning, Middleware, System Software, Web Applications, High-performance Network Servers, Distributed Data Processing Systems, and Algorithms.
Sergey A.
C++ Developer
C++ developer with extensive experience with various kinds of tasks. From the last - a couple of years in a small Canadian company - they created exchange software and strategies for themselves, almost everything in C ++ under Windows. Worked with finns for about two years, also created exchange software in C ++ for Windows and Linux. Now he has been working for a small Israeli company for more than a year, programming in C++, JS under Windows. Works full time, as in the past
Philipp Ch.
Mobile Developer
Highly qualified mobile developer working with frameworks such as Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, writing in C#, Dart, Java, Kotlin, Swift, Typescript\Javascript. His works include cross-platform applications and video games on Flutter and Unity
Denis B.
Web Developer
Alexander B.
System Analyst
Peter M.
Fullstack Developer
Konstantin M.
Business Development Manager
Business Development Manager. More than a year and a half engaged in project activities. Speaks foreign languages, negotiates with clients in English and German
Andrey N.
HR-manager with almost two years of experience in this field. He has extensive experience in dealing with people, knows how to select suitable employees for solving any problems
Sergey M.
Machine Learning and Computer Vision Expert
Elizaveta S.
Machine Learning and Computer Vision Engineer
Maksim B.
Intern Developer
Oksana Z.
Project Manager