Web development

We work with web applications, web sites and web services using Python, JavaScript and PHP.

Machine Learning

We use Machine Learning technologies to reach the following goals:
– extracting information from various documents
– securing locations of our clients using video object detection
– tracking sports teams' rates
– creating personalized advertisements


Hotel price comparison solution

Technologies: Python, Selenium, Scrapy, Vue, Bayessian Modeling, Game Modeling, Statistics   We developed a hotel price comparison solution for a group of hotels in Barcelona consisting of the three components: Competitors prices collection component, scraping booking prices from price aggregator websites , and hotel websites. Data visualization tool showing different graphs about the …

Image processing – capture and process images

Technologies: C++, OpenCV   The goal of the project is developing software for fast automatic calculation number pixels located in color limits. The video system captures 30 cm x 30 cm images of falling objects – at a speed of 5-to-50 km/hr speed with a Logitech C920 camera. The aim is to calculate how many …

Optimization of Traffic Counting (multiple object detection + tracking)

Technologies: OpenCV, Yolo2/Faster RCNN / Mask R-CNN, COCO, Jetson Xavier   The aim of the project was to implement traffic counting (multiple object detection + tracking)  for installations placed in the countryside with low power consumption requirements. Using background subtraction, deep neural networks and other methods we optimized the models to run on Jetson Xavier …

Our team

We are a distributed team of experienced software developers and data scientists, located all over Russia.

Igor Polyakov
Diploma of Specialist in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Omsk F.M. Dostoyevsky State University, 2007. Research interests: programming languages, communication protocols, algorithms, machine learning, graph theory. Leading People and Teams specialization Coursera Certificate from University of Michigan, 2016. Understanding economic policymaking Coursera Certificate from IE Business School, Madrid, Spain, 2020
Philipp Ch.
Mobile Developer
Sergey A.
C++ Developer
Denis B.
Web Developer
Konstantin M.
Business Development Manager
Andrey N.
Alexander N.
Machine Learning and Computer Vision Consultant
Master's Degree in Innovations and High Tech, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, 2015
Mikhail G.
Computer Vision and Deep Learning Expert
Diploma of Specialist in Mathematics, Ulyanovsk State University, 2004


Igor’s team has shown a deep knowledge of high performance server application development, as they helped us a lot with our distributed platform for secure message exchange. Very flexible, result-oriented software engineers with deep system programming, performance optimization and algorithms experience

Igor Polyakov Consulting quickly provided a ‘remote’ system software developer which we were not able to find locally for our project. Easy communication and good technical background is about this company. I recommend them to those looking for system/network software development services.

Igor Polyakov Consulting worked for my startup for a number of months, beginning with recompiling the “back office” of our easyPLAY® Mobile Gaming Platform from one version of Linux to a more modern version. Then they took on the task of re-coding our middleware and connector component, which was approved by our third-party technical certification lab, Gaming Laboratories International. Finally, the team integrated third-party games into easyPLAY®. Igor’s team is always willing to tackle new projects, both legacy recodes and virgin new. Highly recommended!

Thank you for your work and advise – will re-hire, once we are ready to move forward – thanks

Our clients

Our company works with leading startups, small and medium businesses located in US, Europe, Israel and other countries.