Machine Learning

We use Machine Learning technologies to reach the following goals:
– extracting information from various documents
– securing locations of our clients using video object detection
– tracking sports teams' rates
– creating personalized advertisements

Web development

We work with web-applications, web-sites and web-services using Python, JavaScript and PHP.

Mobile development

We can create any kind of mobile application on demand!


CV-based virtual furniture fitting room

Technologies: Python, YOSO, OpenCV Description: Integration of SOTA solutions for room segmentation. Development of algorithms for aligning the contours of walls, floors and other objects. Improving the quality of SOTA solutions for room segmentation by post-processing object contours.

Meta-analysis of Lung Cancer detection methods applied to X-ray images

Technologies: Deep Learning, CNN, SVM, statistics We’ve done a meta-analysis of 600+ scientific papers studying automated methods for Lung Cancer detection in X-ray images for the period from 1993 till 2020. The goal was to determine the effectiveness of Deep Learning-based methods including Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) compared to classical methods such as support vector …

Kodi development project

Technologies: Python, Android   We created fork of the Kodi video player for specific needs of our customer and its manufacturers. Our code allows to use video streaming provided  by EzServer software and changes UI of Kodi to client’s style and their UX specifications.   Short: developed a Kodi plugin.

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Our team

We are a distributed team of experienced software developers and data scientists, located all over Russia.

Igor Polyakov
Diploma of Specialist in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Omsk F.M. Dostoyevsky State University, 2007. Research interests: programming languages, communication protocols, algorithms, machine learning, graph theory. Machine Learning, Stanford University, 2015. Leading People and Teams specialization, University of Michigan, 2016. Understanding economic policymaking, IE Business School, Madrid, Spain, 2020. The Impact of Technology, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stocholm, Sweden, 2020. Deep Learning, Udacity, US, California, 2023
Sergey A.
C++ Developer
C++ developer with extensive experience with various kinds of tasks. From the last - a couple of years in a small Canadian company - they created exchange software and strategies for themselves, almost everything in C ++ under Windows. Worked with finns for about two years, also created exchange software in C ++ for Windows and Linux. Now he has been working for a small Israeli company for more than a year, programming in C++, JS under Windows. Works full time, as in the past
Philipp Ch.
Mobile Developer
Highly qualified mobile developer working with frameworks such as Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, writing in C#, Dart, Java, Kotlin, Swift, Typescript\Javascript. His works include cross-platform applications and video games on Flutter and Unity
Konstantin M.
Business Development Manager
Business Development Manager. More than a year and a half engaged in project activities. Speaks foreign languages, negotiates with clients in English and German
Andrey N.
HR-manager with almost two years of experience in this field. He has extensive experience in dealing with people, knows how to select suitable employees for solving any problems
Sergey M.
Machine Learning and Computer Vision Expert
Alexander B.
System Analyst
Elizaveta S.
Machine Learning and Computer Vision Engineer
Maksim B.
Junior Developer
Oksana Z.
Project Manager


Igor’s team has shown a deep knowledge of high performance server application development, as they helped us a lot with our distributed platform for secure message exchange. Very flexible, result-oriented software engineers with deep system programming, performance optimization and algorithms experience

Igor Polyakov Consulting quickly provided a ‘remote’ system software developer which we were not able to find locally for our project. Easy communication and good technical background is about this company. I recommend them to those looking for system/network software development services.

Igor Polyakov Consulting worked for my startup for a number of months, beginning with recompiling the “back office” of our easyPLAY® Mobile Gaming Platform from one version of Linux to a more modern version. Then they took on the task of re-coding our middleware and connector component, which was approved by our third-party technical certification lab, Gaming Laboratories International. Finally, the team integrated third-party games into easyPLAY®. Igor’s team is always willing to tackle new projects, both legacy recodes and virgin new. Highly recommended!

Thank you for your work and advise – will re-hire, once we are ready to move forward – thanks

Our clients

Our company works with leading startups, small and medium businesses located in US, Europe, Israel and other countries.

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If you have a ready-made project plan, or an idea for it, leave your contact information. We will definitely contact you and help you implement your idea!